Lomography Film filters for Instagram

Hi, how is everyone doing? I hope you are all safe and sound and doing as best as you can. From my side, I’ve been at home for almost a month, but doing quite well. The restrictions we have in Czech Republic are…let’s say soft: we can go out using a mask, we can go shopping etc, life continues as normal but from home. Anyway, stay safe and shoot film (at home)…for now let’s continue with today’s topic: Instagram filters that simulate Lomography films.

My problem with Lomography films

I love the effect of the Lomography films, such as LomoChrome or Turquoise, in the past I’ve shoot some rolls of them and honestly got some quite nice pictures but here is the problem I have with this kind of film: I never know how to get the best results from them. I always end up with cool photos but because I didn’t used them well and I cannot reach the best from it. 

As you might know this special Lomography films, depending on the light, development and colours you will get a duotone photo. The key to master this kind of roll in my opinion is knowing how the colours and lights of the original setting will translate into the film (if that makes sense to you…) so knowing this, you can find the best way to get the best results from this lomo films.

A helpful idea

The other day passing through stories on Instagram and discovered an awesome filter that recreates the Lomography Lomochrome and I had to give it a try of course! In my daily walk around the forest, I snapped lots of photos and I got an idea 

This kind of filters are just ingenious idea and soooo helpful, how? Imagine that you load a roll of Lomochrome in your camera, go out and shoot…instead of shooting directly, you open Instagram and use the filter pointing to the place you want to shoot. If you think the effect is cool enough, go and press the shutter in your camera. 

You are going to tell me: that’s cheating, you are missing the lomo experience and bla bla bla. I know, I know…and up to some point I agree with you, but it’s just an idea and a tool that you can use to learn better how this kind of film work or simple to get the results you want in one shot instead of wasting film. We all know that this kind of Lomography films are quite expensive, so why not get the best out of them? 

Also for those who doesn’t have analog cameras or simply they don’t have resources to buy Lomography films but they really love the effect, GO FOR IT! This filters are a way of express yourself and if this filters will help to spread your message, start using them right now.

Lomography Film filters for Instagram

Lomography Filters

If you were teased by my idea, you can find two different Instagram filters created by @bvttle_, the filters recreate the analog lomography experience of the Lomography Lomochrome Purple and the Lomography Turquoise. Go to his profile to get the filters!

Until next time…enjoy other posts in the blog, have a look at my Instagram (follow me if you don’t already) and DM me if you need something, I will try to help you!

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